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A HISTORY OF Furrer & Tezak



The success of an enterprise often depends on its ability to master an increasingly complex legal environment. Thus, the choice of a law firm can be a critical business decision. We respect our client's right to legal excellence. Our mission is to be responsive to our client's needs and priorities, and to be able to help them achieve their business objectives.


Over the last decade, the world technology environment has experienced one of the most dynamic periods of technological advancements in its history. Never before has technology played such a critical role in the success or failure of so many commercial enterprises. As a result, the protection of proprietary technology has become an integral part of modern business strategy.


Specializing in the practice of law relating to intellectual property, our practice includes the procurement and enforcement of legal rights relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. This involves counseling clients on intellectual property matters, negotiating and drafting agreements, trial and appellate litigation in the federal and state courts, as well as preparing applications for patents and applications for trademark and copyright registrations, and guiding these applications through the appropriate administrative bodies in Washington, D.C. Our practice also includes the protection of trade secrets and confidential business information.


The needs of our clients vary, and our goal is to understand those needs and the impact they have if unmet. We therefore strive to understand the development of technology from conception, through design and manufacturing to the environment where the technology benefits humankind.